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From smaller events like karaoke nights and cooking yummy treats together, to daylong adventures at theme parks and city-wide scavenger hunts that led to a day spent on a summer camp’s gorgeous lake, every chance we get to spend quality time with one another makes our sisterhood grow even stronger. AEPhi's sisterhood is one where you will never cease to feel supported and appreciated because there will always be someone there to make you smile on a bad day, spend hours with you at the library so you don’t stress alone, help you find the courage to get involved in the things you love, and most of all, make you 

feel at home.



Mikayla, MC '19

Being in a sorority in general means that you are part of something bigger than just yourself, but being in AEPhi means belonging somewhere. This chapter has provided me with experiences and friendships I didn’t even know I was missing. Everyone says sororities are bonds of sisterhood and as cliché as it sounds, it really is just that. No matter where I am or how my day has been going, I can undoubtedly count on any person in this house to be by my side whenever I need it. I am proud of the person this chapter has shaped me into and am proud to call all of these incredible women my sisters at UF. While I have only known these 200+ ladies for a short two years, they are the people that I have shared the most with, and whom I have created exceptional relationships with. These are some of the people that I am excited to say will be with me for the rest of my life, and I would not trade anything else in the world for that.

Annie, MC '17

AEPhi means sisterhood. It means taking a huge campus and making it feel small. I recently moved down to South Florida from Illinois and came to college knowing maybe one or two other people. The second I stepped into AEPhi I felt at home, and knew that these were the girls I wanted to surround myself with. I grew up with two older brothers always wishing I had a sister. Now, thanks to AEPhi, I have 250. I used to go to places at home or on campus and not know people, but now I can’t go anywhere without seeing someone I know. Whether it be at a store in South Florida or at a library on campus, I know I automatically have a friend to sit or hang with and brighten my day. That feeling truly is one of the best feelings in the world. Being in this sorority has given me relationships that will last a lifetime because the girls are always so friendly and down to have a good time. This huge campus suddenly doesn’t seem so overwhelming and big, knowing that I have a friend almost anywhere I go.

Rebecca, MC '18

Coming into sorority life I really didn’t know if I would find people that I clicked with, but AEPhi truly has such an amazing sisterhood that led me to find the people I call my best friends today. AEPhi feels like a second home to me where I walk in and never feel like a stranger. It has allowed for such a big campus to feel so small because everywhere I go I see another girl in AEPhi waving to me from across the street or stopping me to see how my day is going. I really cannot imagine going to UF and not being a part of this incredible sorority.


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