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Fall Recruitment 2019 Important Dates:

August 14 - Orientation

August 15/16 - Round 1

August 17 - Round 2

August 18/19 - Round 3

August 20 - Off (First day of classes)

August 21 - Preferentials

August 22 - Bid Day

To get more information and register for Formal Recruitment, please click here.


If you are an Alpha Epsilon Phi alumna looking to recommend a Potential New Member, please download and fill out this form and mail it to:


Alpha Epsilon Phi, Attn: Alexandra Heyer

832 West Panhellenic Drive

Gainesville, FL 32601


If you have any questions, please contact our

Recruitment Chair, Alexandra Heyer at ufaephirecruitment19@gmail.com

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