Position: President


Major: Psychology and Women’s Studies

Favorite AEPhi Memory:  I was 99% sure that Taylor was my big, but couldn’t be definite until big little reveal. Seeing Taylor and the rest of my Pham will forever be engraved in my memories. From big little reveal to Pham dinners to last-minute day trips, getting Taylor as my big is the best thing that happened to me in AEPhi, and I will forever be thankful.

Quote: “Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” - Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Name: Lexi Rootberg

Position: Vice President of Operations


Major:  Marketing and Sport Management double major with a minor in Leadership

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Welcoming my little into my Pham!  Throughout big/little week, I convinced my little that I was not her big.  The moment that I revealed myself was so special because she was truly so surprised.

Quote: "It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live." ― Albus Dumbledore


Name: Lexi Ginsburg

Position: Vice President of Finance


Major: Information Systems

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Finding my little, Melissa, and bringing her into my Pham! I love spending time and making memories with them. They’re my favorite people to laugh with, decompress school stress with, and just bond with.

Quote: "I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway" - Taylor Swift

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Name: Samantha Haydu

Position: Vice President of Programming


Majors: Public Health

Favorite AEPhi memory: My favorite AEPhi memory is Big Little Reveal. My Pham are my best friends and I was so excited to finally get to join my Pham and have such an amazing group of people supporting me. We all took photos together and after reveal, we went out for sushi and got to spend the entire afternoon laughing together. This year, reveal was just as meaningful getting to welcome my own little into the Pham and expanding our lineage.

Quote: "If you can dream it, you can do it." -Walt Disney


Name: Macey Melinek
Position: Vice President of Social Standards
Major: Health Science
Favorite AEPhi Memory:  It is so hard to decide what my favorite Aephi memory! The big/little process from both the little’s and big’s side was magical! I loved how I got to meet such amazing people, but when it came down to finding my big or little, there was no doubt in my mind that I found my person. The bond you create with your pham is incredible and there are no words to describe the love I have for them.
Quote: “Speak your mind even though your voice shakes.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt


Name: Jill Brickman

Position: Vice President of Philanthropy


Majors: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My favorite AEPhi memory has been and always will be meeting my pham. I am lucky to have not only an amazing big Emily, but also two amazing littles, Alexa and Alexa, who never fail to cheer me up. I can wholeheartedly say that these friendships will last a lifetime!  

Quote: “No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.” -Mac Miller

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Name: Rachel Levi

Position: Vice President of Sisterhood


Majors: Microbiology on the Pre-Medical Track with a Health Disparities in Society Minor

Favorite AEPhi Memory: 


Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 11.34.01 PM.png

Name: Bella Master

Position: Vice President of Recruitment


Major: Microbiology on the Pre-Vet Track 

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My favorite AEPhi memory is meeting my best friend Abby on the first day of lunch freshman year. We clicked instantly and have been attached at the hip ever since. 

Quote: “The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information.” - Jen Sincero


Name: Meital Fixler

Position: Vice President of Panhellenic Affairs



Favorite AEPhi Memory: 



Name: Abby Diamond

Position: Vice President of Social Relations


Major: Business Administration, Mass Communications

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My favorite AEPhi memory is getting Maya and Jenna as my littles and bringing us all together as a pham!

Quote: “Take your passion and make it happen.”

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Name: Sophia Handley

Position: Vice President of New Member Education (Phi Mom)


Major: Advertising on the Persuasive Messaging Track

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My favorite AEPhi memory is finding my big, Allison, and my little, Kelsey. They are my best friends in the entire world and I know they will be in my life forever!

Quote: “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you’ll ever know”- A.A. Milne