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Name: Felicity Taylor

Position: President


Major: Linguistics

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My favorite memory from my time in AEPhi has been spending time with my Pham. I love my little Abbey so much and have loved seeing us grow as she brought my glittle Alexis into the Pham last Fall. I love our meals together at the house, late night ice cream dates and getting to sit on our couches and chat about our days. I really don’t know what I would do without them! 

Quote: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." - Winnie the Pooh


Name: Camryn Rubin

Position: Vice President of Operations


Major:  Health Science on the Pre-Med Track

Favorite AEPhi Memory: My big and gbig running home on bid day after both being Pi Chis and also meeting my little for the first time on bid day

Quote: "You can always retake a class, but you can never redo an intramural"


Name: Alexa Binder

Position: Vice President of Finance


Major: Public Relations with a minor in Women's Studies

Favorite AEPhi Memory: It’s so hard to choose, but probably big/little reveal this year when I finally got to welcome my little, Ashley into my pham! 

Quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt 


Name: Jamie Bielski

Position: Vice President of Programming


Major: Psychology with a minor in Modern Hebrew

Favorite AEPhi memory: Meals at the house & weekly tummy time in room 1!!!

Quote: "Our goal should be to live life in radical amazemement” - Abraham Joshua Heschel


Name: Ashley Wilkerson
Position: Vice President of Social Standards
Major: Criminology with a Certification in Sport Management
Favorite AEPhi Memory: Finding out who my big is and figuring out that our moms were in the same PC at UF AEPhi when they went here

Quote:  “Doing your best means never stop trying”- Benjamin Franklin


Name: Cadi Schwartz

Position: Vice President of Philanthropy


Major: Public Relations with a Minor in Event Management 

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Running home on bid day as a Pi Chi and the 2022 end of year in-house party

Quote: “What's next?” -Jed Bartlett


Name: Madison Wechter

Position: Vice President of Sisterhood


Major: Marine Science

Favorite AEPhi Memory: The sisterhood brunch my freshman year. Getting an opportunity to dress up and spend time with my best friends away from campus was beyond memorable. It was so special to have a whole event dedicated to celebrating our wonderful sisterhood. 

Quote: “Just keep swimming” -Finding Nemo 


Name: Hannah Rutstein

Position: Vice President of Recruitment


Major: Health Science

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Living in the house with my best friends in the quad! 

Quote: “People are going to judge you anyway, so you might as well do what you want” -Taylor Swift 


Name: Rory Haas

Position: Vice President of Panhellenic Affairs


Major: International Business

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Always knowing I have people in my corner to support me + coming to the house for meals of course

Quote: #PanLove


Name: Julia Zager

Position: Vice President of Social Relations


Major: Biology

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Big/Little the past two years. Being the little was so amazing and it gave me my big and best friend. Becoming the big also gave me the two greatest littles in the world. I wouldn’t trade my pham for anything.

Quote: “Do whatever makes you happiest in this world.” - Harry Styles


Name: Jordan Fallen

Position: Vice President of New Member Education (Phi Mom)


Major: Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Favorite AEPhi Memory: Getting my two littles this year. Watching my pham grow and bond has been such an exciting experience. I’m beyond lucky to have all of them by my side every day.

Quote: “Do more of what makes you happy.”

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